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  • Klanar

    "I Was Impressed by an Affordable Planar Generalist."

     "The Klanar IEMs offer accessible planar driver technology without breaking the bank. With impressive detail and comfort, they're perfect for extended listening sessions. KEFINE's debut showcases a well-executed planar driver at an attractive price. Their sound quality belies their affordability, making them a standout choice." - Headphonesty

    "A sound that can be considerably more detailed than the competition"

    "If you fancy a V-Shaped signature, an IEM that sounds best at medium volumes, with great detail, dynamics and a wide soundstage, plus a good bass for rap, but clean voicing for emo and rock, and with an emphasis on guitar solos, Kefine Klanar is an excellent option for those with a limited budget and who want to explore the planar magnetic tech for IEMs."  - Audiophile Heaven

    " A really good pair of incredibly affordable planar IEM"

    " Kefine hits the mark with its Klanar IEM. They are comfortable to wear, enjoyable to listen to – especially with neutral-sounding electronics – and easy to drive, and at an affordable price too."  - Trusted Reviews

    "It's in the details"

     "The Klanar is no doubt impressive on the technical side. If you are looking for a fun and a more engaging set to add to your collection around 100 bucks then this is without a doubt a set that I would highly recommend, probably one of the best fun V-shaped tuned IEMs at this price point!"  - Audio-In Reviews

    "A comfortable IEM that has great sound"

    "Not having a weird planar timbre, however, makes it different from its competitors. Add that to having great bass, impressive detail retrieval, and a wider-than-average soundstage, the KEFINE Klanar makes a promising debut product for the company." 

    "Klanar is a step forward in terms of housing and sound quality."

    "Kefine Klanar is an earphone that firmly suppresses high-pitched spikes, gives a clear impression, has a solid sub-bass and is extremely comfortable to wear. Particularly the comfortable fit is something that most earphones that use planar drivers over 14mm are not available for. So it is very meaningful purchase for this purpose. Of course, the sound quality is worth the price." - Original review from ふぐみかん in Japanese

    "A new planar-driver hero appears"

     "This is a very easy-to-listen, well-balanced planar driver earphone, but it has a very natural sound and is pleasant to listen to. The sound is neither round nor muffled, and the clear mid-range makes the sound more crisp, and the high quality tuning gives it a solid overall balance. This makes an excellent introduction to planar driver. lt can be said that it is the best one for the entry level planar driver earphones. "  - Original review from Miyabi in Japanese

    "High quality earphones with neutral sound and practicality"

     "But in reality, when it comes to earphones that can be used for everyday use, something as simple as the " KEFINE Klanar " is better in any situation. I think you can use it without any hesitation. I think this will be one of the best options for those looking for practical earphones at an affordable price while enjoying the benefits of planar drivers."  - Original review from Bisonicr in Japanese

    "Comfortable fit and high performance"

    "Although this model was released now that the era of large-planar drive earphones has matured, I feel that it has excellent cost performance and has achieved sound quality approaching last year's A15K and A20K classes."  - Original review from el-snow in Japanese 

    "I like this quite a lot because I can think of it as a fun sound."

     "The sound with a sense of attack in the bass range is quite enjoyable. It's good to hear the bass drum's pounding sound with a weight that resonates firmly in the core of your body." - Original review from Headphone Metal in Japanese.

    "Everything is simply crystal clear, transparent and natural."

     "Kefine Klanar is, for its segment a simply prohibitive implementation of a planar magnetic driver. They fit comfortably and look good. The most important thing is their detailed, expressive and incredibly melodic sound." - Original review in Russian from SyncerTech

    "I recommended them for purchase"

     "I still consider the company's debut successful. And the headphones are very interesting and quite competitive, especially if you take into account their difficult low frequencies that stand out due to their wild pressure and good mass." - Original review in Russian 

    "The headphones turned out to be good for the money."

     "It is as if we were listening to a good acoustic system: everything is clear, detailed, with excellent resolution and localization of sources, but completely immersive." - Original review in Russian

    "Kefine Klanar, a less expensive and high-quality option"

     "This is an option no matter if you are starting out in audiophilia, you are going to feel a very change and you are going to love it and you are going to fall in love. "  - Original review in Spanish

    "A clear purpose that seeks the best quality/price ratio."

     "The model introductions created by the brands themselves are usually very bombastic, but Kefine has clearly explained their wishes: «More powerful bass, warm, rich, clean and detailed mids, smooth and not harsh highs, good for long listening without fatigue. The listening experience is immersive. The soundstage is wide and entertaining. Thanks to its high sensitivity and low impedance, Klanar is very easy to handle." 

    "A good first entry by a new brand"

     "I think that the Klanar are a very respectable first entry for a new company. They have kept things very simple with the design and presentation, chosen a sound signature that should appeal to the masses and spent their resources on getting that part, the most important part, right."

    "It offers more than enough for the price"

    "Kefine gives you a good first impression with the Klanar. They're a pair of affordable IEMs that do a good job of giving you some unmistakably planar qualities, like their spaciousness and clarity. It's not always the most impactful response, but it offers more than enough for the price, and it's easy to be engaged by." 

    " Cheaper & better"

     " The treble is smoother, more natural and still retains a lot of the micro nuances. The Klanar actually sounds more natural. The vocals are more forward and more lively." - Gizaudio

    Z Reviews recommends Klanar

    "Usually v-shape means there's extra base and extra treble but these aren't that, because the bass is solidly clean and neutral, and the treble doesn't hurt at all, which with a relatively inexpensive planer is that good."  - Z Reviews

    "I I like them a lot and highly recommend them"

     "Everything sounds accurate and true in the bass going into the mids. Overall the mids have a nice natural tonality to them, and they also have an ability to connect especially in the upper mids." - the Honest Audiophile

    "A Promising Start"

     "To summarize briefly, a planar IEM with V-shape tuning is very well made, with a full-bodied bass with a nice rumble, mids with the correct tone and thickness, and a very smooth treble."

    "A prominent recommendation for anyone shopping for a new IEM"

     "I am proud to say Kefine Klanar surprised me and gave us a nicely designed earphone that can compete with the Timeless if you felt more mid-range presence was needed or the treble shimmer was a tad much."


    " The New V-Shape King"

     "Normally I’m not a big fan of V-shape tuned IEMs. Because they might have lows that overpower mids, or they might have some ear-piercing upper mids and treble. This is not the case with the new Klanar. Firstly, having a planar driver it is extremely well controlled on both frequency ranges and perfectly tuned. You get fast and precise bass notes plus well-balanced mids and highs. The Kefine Klanar might be the perfect V-shape tuned IEM that you were waiting for."

    "A successful step into the world of In-Ear Monitors"

     "The Klanar is a successful step by KEFINE in to the world of In-Ear Monitors. It has a robust build quality and offers a comfortable wearing experience. This small and compact monitor is equipped with a relative large 14.5mm Planar Magnetic Driver that is able to produce a musical sound experience with its powerful yet controlled bass response, warmish but transparent and clean midrange tuning, and a treble presentation that offers enough airiness and sparkle without sound muted or shouty in this area."

    "Most beautifully tuned Planar based IEM"

    "I have no problems in crowning this as the “Most beautifully tuned Planar based IEM”. No other planar IEM sounds this good. Pick anything discipline and this IEM will not disappoint. Unless you have unrealistic expectations, this IEM does nearly everything right. It has excellent bass body, exceptionally good rumble, high quality details, super good extension at both ends, has very good resolution, details and all this without being sharp or aggressive."

    Klanar is recommended by Prime Audio Reviews!

    "The planar magnetic technology employed in these IEMs elevates the level of precision and clarity in sound reproduction, setting a high standard for future offerings. Overall, the Klanar stands as an excellent IEM, and its remarkable quality, particularly considering it's the brand's debut product, is a testament to KEFINE's commitment to delivering top-tier audio equipment to discerning enthusiasts. Recommended."

  • Delci

    "The Delci is a good product and easy to recommend."

     "The Delci is a good product and easy to recommend." " The KEFINE Delci is a strong budget IEM offering thanks to a lightweight but durable build, fantastic cable, and good sonic performance. The bass is visceral and well-extended, its midrange is forward and coherent, and it balances things out with a moderate amount of treble sparkle that doesn't offend." - Headfonics

    "A very easy recommendation from me"

    "It does have again some of that same nice smooth and natural vocal and instrument presentation, and I feel like it's done well enough to give the delci that edge, and it makes it somewhat of a standout IEM among the competition." 

    "Delci is an all rounder set."

     "So, it is a warmer sounding set, but with a clean replay. It's also an organic replay to my ears. The Delci provides a seemingly authentic timbre experience with a natural hue to everything I listen to. Also, the macro-dynamics are pretty vibrant and vivid for a warmer replay which adds some good energy to my music."  - Mobileaudiophile

    "Very nice" - Hbb Recommends to buy it

     "so l like the way that it's playing back Jimmy Hendrick's solo at the end of All Along the Watchtower. The symbols on Hey Hey What Can I Do by John bonum repeated strikes which are mini high frequency explosions sound natural if that's off by milliseconds one way or the other, it'll sound intense." -Review from Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews

    "Delci is more for people who really love that warm IEM"

     "The mid-range is actually very well done. The top end of vocals sound very natural, although they have that extra bit of huskiness to them. Their voice still sounds rather good and the tamber is wonderful as well, and this comes to a really big surprise, because the price is quite inexpensive and there's not really that many IM that does upper mid-range this good in my personal opinion especially in this price point." - Review from Gizaudio

    “It is probably one of the best which I have heard so far this year”

     The timber is organic and natural. I do not hear any kind of metallic element to the sound itself. This is the sort of beauty of why you want to use dynamic driver. This is a bit more relaxed when it comes to the overall sound presentation. It does sound exciting but never too much. - Review from Andy Audio Vault   

    "Very wide soundstage and an instrument separation that is surprising."

     What I really liked is that when the instruments enter and accompany the voices, in this case the voice of Lara Fabier who continues to be the protagonist and ends on a high note that does not tire you, and does not hurt you and on the contrary you enjoy it. - Review from Audio Total in Mexico  

    “The sound has become more tasty.”

     Believe me, these earphones are a very interesting and unusual solution that can easily compete with such players as, for example, R1 and 500. What distinguishes them from the first is the unbelievable instrumental positioning. Second is more natural and comfortable sound. - Review from Soundcheck39  

    Affordable earphones with an easy-to-use design & smooth sound

    So I think that the KEFINE Delci has a simple design and easy-to-listen, low-to-mid-range sound that tends to be weak, making it a comfortable listening earphone that you can enjoy even for long periods of use. Although the sound focuses on richness and smoothness rather than sharpness and speed, the tuning of the PU + DLC diaphragm driver provides a moderate sense of resolution and detail expression, without the looseness that tends to be found in warm earphones. - Review from Bisonicr in Japan   

    "I can't resist the three-dimensional, open-feeling DLC DD Sound”
    "From the first time l heard it, it felt very spacious. Even with just one DD, it is very realistic and three-dimensional. lt feels like each instrument is well mixed and separated. Perhaps because of this, it picks up background sounds that are usually difficult to hear, which changes the impression of the song a bit." - Review from MD Jacques in Japan
    "It's worth buying. The quality of the sound is, of course, unbeatable"

     "Double tracks and choruses that are high and come out naturally, and the localization is naturally good, so you can cleary see the position and distance of each instrument, and the bass is just right." - Original review from MIYABA in Japan

    "This is definitely the recommended models for the 10,000 yen"

    "They are so well-finished that they can be counted as new standard models in the 10,000 yen class. ... It has a DLC-like sound and an excellent overall sense of balance."   - Original review from ふぐみかん in Japanese