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Founded by a team with high passion for music, KEFINE wants to provide refined audio products for music lovers with affordable price and the best value. The brand name KEFINE (Kəfaɪn) comes from the combination of the founder name Ke (Kə) and the word “refine”.   


High quality is not equal to high price. We make good use of each single cent during the development of the product with tireless effort to meet the price target, but use the finest materials and craftsmanship when the cost permits. There are no unnecessary features or accessories for our products, and package is as simple as possible for saving the money for consumers and protecting the environment as well.  


The team also strives for perfection for the price and cares every detail. Each product should look like a work of art, and we develop and polish each product as if it is our child, and try to make the best quality products with budget. KEFINE hopes every music lover can enjoy music to get happiness under the highest quality but with the lowest cost.  

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What's New



1. High resolution sound from DLC diaphragm

2. Powerful bass made by dual-cavity driver  

3. Light & elegant design by CNC machining

4. High quality detachable cable ensures sound balance
Audio Reviews
"A prominent recommendation for anyone shopping for a new IEM"
She/He said:

 "I am proud to say Kefine Klanar surprised me and gave us a nicely designed earphone that can compete with the Timeless if you felt more mid-range presence was needed or the treble shimmer was a tad much."


The Headphone List
"Most beautifully tuned Planar based IEM"
She/He said:

"I have no problems in crowning this as the “Most beautifully tuned Planar based IEM”. No other planar IEM sounds this good. Pick anything discipline and this IEM will not disappoint. Unless you have unrealistic expectations, this IEM does nearly everything right. It has excellent bass body, exceptionally good rumble, high quality details, super good extension at both ends, has very good resolution, details and all this without being sharp or aggressive."

Prime Audio
Klanar is recommended by Prime Audio Reviews!
She/He said:

"The planar magnetic technology employed in these IEMs elevates the level of precision and clarity in sound reproduction, setting a high standard for future offerings. Overall, the Klanar stands as an excellent IEM, and its remarkable quality, particularly considering it's the brand's debut product, is a testament to KEFINE's commitment to delivering top-tier audio equipment to discerning enthusiasts. Recommended."